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Cryptocurrencies have gradually become a game changer in the scenario of online gambling ever since the websites included them in their transaction mediums. Online casinos have integrated new features or designs to upgrade their architecture to meet the latest changes. Online gambling spaces are taking inspiration from old-school retro casinos to make their systems attractive for new-age gamblers. However, many flashy games, a sea of click baits, and ads in online casinos make it difficult for gamblers when it comes to actual online gambling. Many online casinos rely on striking content to attract more players, so finding a neat and ad-free crypto casino online is sometimes tricky and time-consuming. In several growing casinos with a crypto-based transaction system for the global players, CryptoGames is an exemplary crypto casino known to many fervent players. The casino has enabled fast transaction systems that support the latest cryptocurrencies, such as Solana. The crypto casino allows complete cryptocurrency transactions for an unbiased modern gambling experience through a list of 10 current games and responsible policies. Simple guidelines make the overall experience flexible and safe for all, especially beginners. Under the supervision of skilled professionals, the casino is running successfully and is offering the services discussed below: 

CryptoGames’ Listed Services

The casino has made several recent developments over the past years to bring more to the table for worldwide gamblers. CryptoGames now offers a list of 10 games with all useful features. Users will find complication-free transaction systems to make their deposits and exchanges for the games. They will also have the protection of an unbreakable security system and reliable gaming policies on the website. The casino does its best to gather potential gamblers to enjoy a crypto version of gambling without any tampering or space for cheating. 

Reasonable House Edges and Games

 CryptoGames offers reasonable and low-house edges for its players to provide more rewards for its game. Each game comes with its house edges that influence the final payouts. The low house edges help the players to earn significant amounts at the end of their games. Any player is free to take a good look at the house edges before they start playing any of the games. They can always pick the most reasonable one according to them, to begin with, their crypto funds. In the following list, all the house edges for the games have been given to you: 

Keno- 1.0% 

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker- 2.09% 

Plinko- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%

The average house edges listed here for Plinko and Video Poker are the house edges. The game of Plinko has 4 different house edges based on the various colored balls used. And the game of Video Poker has 3 other house edges based on the variants available.


New players will see Dice as the first game on the website’s front page and anyone clicking the Play Now button will be guided to Dice’s home page. The players can play Dice with all available cryptocurrencies. The use of Play Money currency is also available for Dice. Players can look out for an excellent winning range and a progressive jackpot in the game. The bet amount must be placed using any desired cryptocurrency to play. The bet can be set manually or using the “Auto Bet” feature. Players get to customize the setups for the “X” number of rounds with the auto bet function. They then choose the payout multiplier, which returns the final payout if they win. The winning chances will depend on the selected payout multiplier. If the players choose a high payout multiplier, their winning chance for the bet will be less. In the game of Dice, a correct outcome prediction is made by guessing whether the result will be higher or lower than two selected numbers. If the forecast is made right, players will win and get their reward or lose the bet. 


Blackjack, or 21, a card game that all gamblers know of, offers excellent intensity in the gambling experience at CryptoGames. Players play against the house with any of their 10 cryptocurrencies in the banking game. Players must ensure their hand is better than the dealers to win the game. In this one, all the setup is completed before the deal. The game begins once the player hits the deal. This choice deals with the player their first set of 2 cards. If 21 points come up from the first deal by a lucky deal, then the players are announced winners. If 21 doesn’t come up, then the game continues until someone loses the bet. Card values are provided on the game’s page and will be helpful for players new to the game. 


At CryptoGames, there are a significant number of simple games for those who are seeking laid-back rules and guidelines to follow. The Lottery is one of the top laid-back games of all time. It doesn’t require players to follow any additional restrictions. Players must buy their tickets and wait for the weekly draws to play the Lottery. CryptoGames uses fair gambling policies through Random Picker for processing all wins. Random Picker is useful for choosing lucky winners unbiasedly. All players check their bets with the guidelines of hashes. The tickets can be bought using 4 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Lucky winners are announced on separate days based on the various coins available. This means the lucky tickets bought using the 4 coins are announced on alternative days. Players click on the “Buy Ticket” tab to buy a ticket and then choose how many tickets they want to purchase. For each cryptocurrency, different numbers of tickets, pot, and prices are available.


From a French word, the name translates to ‘little wheel’. The game has a rotating wheel in its design, as it got inspired by the French meaning. Players must throw a ball on the wheel and wait for it to land on one of their predicted neighbors on the betting board. They will win the game if the dropped ball lands on any neighbor bets. Of the 37 numbers and 1 zero on the wheel, players can choose any numbers to place their neighbor bets on. For beginners, clear guidelines are always available to better understand the game. Besides this, players get to use the modern feature Roulette offers to help the players in indecisive moments. The remarkable feature of Roulette is labeled as “Neighbour Bets”. There are 4 options to choose from. The automatic neighbors will be placed on the betting mat as soon as you enable them.


Since the days of “The Price is Right”, Plinko has gained lots of loyal players even for its online version. Now players can play the game at CryptoGames with 10 different cryptocurrencies on a pegged pyramid. Plinko is a beginner-friendly game that includes 4 different house edges for players to choose from. These 4 house edges differ when selecting a colored ball to play the game. Plinko’s rules and payout table are available on the game’s page; accessing the game isn’t hard. At CryptoGames, 4 different colored balls are used for the bets. Players drop them from the top point of the pyramid. As they bounce their way down, they gradually build up the game’s intensity as there are different payout multipliers for the different colors of the balls.


To offer a more advanced version of Dice, CryptoGames introduced its ultra-modern model through DiceV2. Its objective is the same as Dice. This means that of two given numbers, you need to predict whether your bet result will be over or lower than theirs. DiceV2’s modern architecture displays the ending result on the slider, and the bar will show your result in the green zone if a correct guess is placed. DiceV2 is accessible for all cryptocurrencies on the casino, and players can choose from two methods to place their bets through the manual or auto bet functions. The slider also moves from left to right to set the payout multiplier and increase or decrease the bet amount. Players will lose the bet amounts for good if the dice prediction is wrong and it rolls outside the green zone. 


An old-school computer game that remains an iconic star of puzzle games can be explored at CryptoGames. Hundreds of passionate computer gamers worldwide can relive their childhood gaming days with CryptoGames’ creative version that is available for players with a flexible option to have more fun. At the casino, players cautiously earn reasonable amounts from the game since one wrong can set off the mine in the field. Hence, CryptoGames lets the players cash out before they hit a mine to loosen up the rules for its crypto version. Rewards for each cleared box will be given out as instant rewards available to withdraw. Players can also challenge themselves to remove the entire field and earn the whole prize. 

Video Poker: 

If Blackjack seems like an exciting card game, then card game lovers will be thrilled to know that 3 different types of Video Poker are available to switch between without getting out of the game’s board. All 3 variants are located in the top left corner of the game board. The first variant is Jacks or Better. Tens or Better and Bonus Poker exist when a player clicks on the tab. All variants have different house edges, so you can choose anyone according to your fund size. They also have an individual rich payout table that returns very profitable rewards for all winning bets. To win, a player has to beat the house with a better hand at the end. This means the player must make all the deals depending on how they can form the hand. There are manual methods or automatic modes called Smart Hold to create the hand. 


If any scenario of a happening casino comes up, then the pictures of a roulette table or a slot machine are the examples that are always considered. A slot machine is a game of spinning reels whereupon a spin, colorful symbols line up on the device. This classic game of Slot is excellent for getting many rewards. The crypto-oriented version is lucrative since the seven winning combinations are very much possible. There are no restrictions on how the combinations will appear on the machine. This means that if symbols are lined up in the middle, they are considered the winning combination. A clear understanding of the payout table is available in the guidelines provided by the casino. The procedures and the list of symbols will help you form strategies for increasing your chances of winning.  


This recreation made its way to CryptoGames as their tenth recreation very recently. Keno gained the attention of many old-school gamblers for its lightweight and ideal design in the modern model of the game. After choosing the wager quantity and size, gamers choose 1 – 10 numbers from a field of 40. The guidance from the “How to Play” tab is always available to play the game. Players can use the “Play Money” feature multiple times to understand the game’s layout. Using their instincts, players can pick the numbers, or they may also use its unique Random Field feature to make their guesses. The game rewards if the lucky draw returns the numbers players picked before the game started. 

Easy and Fast Transactions

One of the factors behind CryptoGames’ smooth architecture is their high-speed transaction system that enables easy processing for all deposits, exchanges, or withdrawals. CryptoGames handles its user data and funds using the latest techniques. Therefore, there is no unnecessary processing of personal information needed in this casino. The financial system offers these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Dash, and Solana. Along with its nine cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames added Solana to the system last year. They are the first-ever online casino that enabled entire financial operations using Solana. The players well received this advanced decision. For anyone who wants to keep their funds intact before they are sure of the system, CryptoGames supports the option of using Play Money. The casino developers build this currency to offer newcomers a flexible environment. Play Money lets you see all the games and their special features without risking anything from the initial state. The Cryptocurrencies will be available in nine games since Lottery is unavailable for all of them. To earn more Play Money, increasing the player level helps immensely. 

Different Methods for Transactions

Online casinos must offer well-organized facilities to provide flexibility and fast processing of each transaction request. This is necessary since exchanges or fund transactions with cryptocurrencies need a reliable system. CryptoGames offers both their traditional and modern financial methods at all times. Their modern facilities enable using credit cards and exchanges from many cryptocurrencies for deposits or exchanges. Onramper, a third-party fiat currency aggregator, allows credit card deposits fully enabled. Another third-party crypto exchange website, ChangeNow, is open to different cryptocurrency users. Even if the casino is not directly responsible for credit card deposits, its players rely on the system’s open architecture by simply verifying their player accounts. Through Onramper, any player can deposit any fiat currency. In ChangeNow, all global players get to use multiple other cryptocurrencies except for the ten mentioned at the casino. Players can convert the cryptocurrencies they use into any cryptocurrency on the website. This privilege is, however, only given to fully registered accounts. 

Existing Features and Rewards 

As a part of their rewarding policies, CryptoGames has been offering many advanced features on the casino. They have been giving out more rewards to the players through intelligent, advanced features and exciting events. The unbiased rewarding system attracts many gamblers to the system to add more to their fair gambling policies. There are two in-built rewarding features known as Rainbot and Faucet. The rainbot is a unique feature that gives out unbiased rewards to the players for their kind contribution to the community. Players get to earn loyalty points that are shown through their player levels. The loyalty points reward the players with small amounts of cryptocurrencies. The loyalty points also increase the Faucet Level.

Faucet is a rewarding feature that rewards the players with Play Currencies. The free rewarding system allows the players to try the games without using their funds and helps them clear any doubts regarding the guidelines. Several promotional and wagering events engage the players most safely. Any player who wants to share their experience at CryptoGames can do it by sharing the referral codes or promotional links. The referral codes they share with others offer lifetime rewards. After the players share the code with someone, referred players must use the referral code upon login, which means that the person who shared the code will be rewarded with 15% of the house edge from the referred players whenever someone uses a referral code. Besides the referral codes, many promotional events are hosted every week. For more details on the events and promotional banners, players can check out the website’s home page. The casino has detailed descriptions of the events and their work at their dedicated tabs. Another way the casino can engage the players with each other is by offering crypto gambling contests that occur every month. The monthly gambling events encourage players to showcase their best potential in a highly competitive environment. At the end of the monthly contests, winners are rewarded with VIP memberships. All winners at the top of the leaderboard are awarded month-long facilities. The month extended facilities a player earns from VIP membership are:

· The lowest house edge on Dice for an entire month becomes 0.8% for all VIP players. 

· Uninterrupted, highest priority for all placed bets. Even if the placed bets come in small sizes, there will be no server-side delay.

· For all bets and games, players will enjoy higher exchange limits. 

· Using the VIP chatrooms to share thoughts and feedback with the direct managers of the casino.

· Exclusive chance to wear the VIP tags on Chatbox 

· Earn an incredible amount of $100 worth of Bitcoins on their birthdays! VIP players with tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher.

· Their faucet levels increase, giving them increased Play Money rewards!

· VIP winners also enjoy monthly voucher drops in their email, where the number of vouchers and the currency always depend on their position on the leaderboard. 

CryptoGames, Serving Potential Crypto Gamblers 

For a secure and safe gambling experience with cryptocurrencies, many gamblers are now flocking to CryptoGames, where all devices can access the services mentioned above anytime. Even with little to no experience, gamblers can master the games at the casino with ease. They can engage with one another in a friendly space where they will also have the opportunity to prove their gambling skills in entertaining contests. Additionally, the responsible policies will guide each player towards safe boundaries in gambling and provide help when in need. The well-organized architecture will only make gambling at CryptoGames enjoyable without fear of scams or unwanted inconvenience. The casino indeed has the potential to grow to build a more efficient system for continuing its reliable service to the worldwide community of gamblers. 

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