New peer-to-peer chat application launches on the decentralized Streamr Network

Zug, Switzerland — Streamr, a decentralized network for real-time data, recently launched the beta version of the, a new decentralized and serverless group and private chat instant messaging application. It offers a unique Web3 communication architecture. Chat rooms are actually streams on the Streamr Network with each connected participant forming part of a peer-to-peer mesh network for messages to flow through, without a centralised instance in between. This is unlike the chat apps that relyona central server.

Henri Pihkala, Streamr Co-Founder and CEO

“The Streamr Network offers an ideal opportunity to build decentralized communication and social media applications. For the Web3 communityt migrate from using Web2 messaging platforms, they need a protocol that’s fast and serverless. We hope provides atangible inspiration for builders to explore the possibilities of truly permissionless real-time communications with Streamr.”

Chat rooms come in three types—public, private and token gated. Token gated rooms allowusers to configure an access control policy to check users hold a chosen token, or a certain amount of tokens in their wallet, before granting the access. Private rooms restrict access to chosen users. Public rooms are viewable by anyone. Messages in all room types are securedby end to end encryption and allow users to communicate without any intermediaries. Over 6,000 registered beta testers are currently exploring the sevarious types of chats.

The Beta version of the is built to work best as a desktop browser application withusers connecting via their wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect.Creating rooms and invites are on-chain transactions, while messages in chats are crypto graphically signed and delivered over the Streamr Network. To avoid a UX pain point of individually signing actions, “hot wallets” are generated and linked to the user’s main wallet with on-chain mapping between the hot wallet and the main wallet. This allows for automatic signing and provides abarrier against the main wall etbeing compromised.

Core features of the

  • Decentralized and server less group chat in stant messaging
  • Verifiable and tamper proof communication
  • Delegated hot wallet’ messagesigning
  • ENS identities & avatars
  • Offline key exchange via the Litprotocol
  • ERC20 & NFT721 token gated rooms (experimental feature)
  • Stake gated chat rooms(experimental feature)Try app betat oday!

About Streamr

Streamr is building the real-time data protocol of the decentralized web. This includes ascalable, low-latency and secure P2P Network for data delivery and exchange. As part of the vision, Streamr is working on a decentralized chat application, data marketplace, and otherd Apps. The project was started by real-time data veterans with backgrounds in algorithmic trading and finance markets. Streamr is being built by contributors from around the world and was crowd funded via ICO with $30M in October 2017. To learn more, visit

Media Contacts

Contact person: Mark Little, Chief Marketing Officer of Streamr

Email: [email protected]



Darlene Morales

Darlene Morales

I have been involved in the cryptocurrency community for over five years and have written extensively on this niche. I have a deep understanding of the technology and market dynamics at play, and my writing style is both engaging and informative. In addition to writing about cryptocurrency, I am also an active investor and trader.

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