StoryChain Announces Major Updates Following Completion of Binance Labs MVB VII Incubation Program

StoryChain Announces Major Updates Following Completion of Binance Labs MVB VII Incubation Program

July 8, 2024 – StoryChain, an AI-driven, decentralized storytelling platform, has been selected for the Binance Labs MVB VII Incubation Program. This selection places StoryChain among the top projects chosen from over 700 submissions.

Through the Binance Labs MVB VII Incubation program, StoryChain has access to Binance Labs’ network, technical expertise, and strategic guidance which is expected to accelerate the platform’s development and growth.

In Addition, Storychain has partnered with Chainlink BUILD which will enable them to leverage Chainlink’s oracle services and technical support. In exchange for this partnership, a certain percentage of StoryChain’s native tokens will be allocated to Chainlink service providers including stakers. This partnership aims at improving reliability and security in multi-chain DeFi markets value transfers decentralization solution provided by StoryChain.

StoryChain uses artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with blockchain technology to build a platform where users can create stories that are represented by unique NFTs for each chapter created. The objective behind this model is to establish a marketplace for digital collectibles backed by blockchain technology.

The platform has received multiple awards in the past, including Best AI Project at the Chainlink Hackathon 2023, Most Creative App at the Fantom Hackathon 2023, and AI Track Winner at BNB Hackvolution. These recognitions highlight StoryChain’s approach to combining AI and blockchain technology.

In addition to its technical breakthroughs, StoryChain has launched several competitions with the goal of community engagement. Twitter Thread Competition which is currently running and will be active until the end of July offers a pool prize amounting up to 2000 points for users creating stories through tweets. This Prehistorical Stories Competition invites users to create picture books about Tika & Rugo characters set in the prehistoric world.

StoryChain’s roadmap includes several milestones aimed at enhancing the platform’s functionality. In Q3 2024, StoryChain plans to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet. The platform will enable self-written stories, personalized NFT avatars, animated stories, and support for multiple languages. Additionally, StoryChain will explore partnerships with content creators, digital art communities, and other tech and blockchain companies.

In Q4 2024 and beyond, StoryChain plans to introduce AI voiceovers, interactive NFTs, and on-demand printing services. By 2025, the platform aims to transition written stories into video format and implement cross-chain integration. In 2026, StoryChain plans to develop a metaverse ecosystem where users can interact with the worlds they’ve created.

About StoryChain

StoryChain is an AI-driven decentralized application (dApp) that promotes collaborative storytelling through the power of blockchain technology. Users can create stories, where each chapter becomes a digital collectible as an NFT. StoryChain’s platform facilitates creativity and community engagement, providing a space where users can bring their imagination to life. With a strong focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, StoryChain aims to transform how stories are created and shared in the digital age. 

Media Contact: 

Company Name- Storychain Limited


Email- [email protected]

Address- Woodbourne Hall, Road Town, Tortola,

British Virgin Islands.

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