Moreliquid to Tokenise HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund

Moreliquid to Tokenise HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund

The Moreliquid Money Market EUR (MMMEUR) token unlocks easier, faster and cost-efficient access to risk-free yields from Euro Money Markets for professional investors by tokenising the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund. Qualified professional investors can subscribe to moreliquid’s money market token in either fiat or crypto currencies.  For those investing in digital assets for the first time, moreliquid offers a secure and easily accessible web3 custody solution. 

London, UK – March 19th, 2024 – moreliquid, a leading digital securities investment platform, today announced its groundbreaking initiative to tokenise the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund by introducing the Moreliquid Money Market EUR (MMMEUR) token. This move signifies a major advancement in integrating traditional financial instruments with blockchain technology, offering institutional and high-net-worth investors a unique and dynamic way to engage with the Euro money markets. 

Regulated under the jurisdiction of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the MMMEUR token offers monthly coupon payments, providing a steady and predictable income stream for institutional and high-net-worth investors. The token’s evergreen maturity date ensures long-term engagement possibilities. Reflecting its underlying asset, the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund, the MMMEUR token is designed to give qualified investors exposure to a diverse portfolio of short-term securities, carefully curated to meet stringent criteria for maturity, issuer reputation, market listing, and credit ratings as required by law. The specifics about the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund are available here.

Issued on the Polygon network, the MMMEUR token sets its minimum investment at €100,000. It requires investors to be residents of the EEA, targeting primarily institutional and high-net-worth investors interested in the Euro liquidity market. This requirement ensures that the fund attracts committed and qualified investors, contributing to a stable and focused investment environment. 

Expanding the utility of real-world asset tokens, Moreliquid allows the MMMEUR token to be managed, transferred, or utilised as collateral for loans. This integration enhances the functionality of the MMMEUR token, providing investors with increased liquidity, versatility, and security in their investments. By leveraging moreliquid’s secure and compliant DeFi platform, investors gain control and flexibility over their digital real-world assets, merging traditional finance with blockchain innovation.

The MMMEUR token, developed in collaboration with Tokeny, is available for purchase directly through cryptocurrency wallets. Utilising the open-source ERC3643 standard for its issuance, the MMMEUR token ensures that blockchain-based securities regulations are met seamlessly, highlighting innovation, compliance, and transparency. Copper and Dfns have been selected as the wallet management solution and infrastructure for the MMMEUR token, ensuring top-tier security and compliance. Copper’s expertise in digital asset protection assures investors of secure and regulated management of their MMMEUR tokens.

“Thanks to the regulatory clarity in Europe on the tokenisation of financial assets, asset managers are increasingly turning to digital finance to reduce their costs and access a wider investor base,” states Clement Daudy, CEO of moreliquid. “At moreliquid, we fulfil asset managers’ demand for off-the-shelf tokenisation solutions combined with origination, credit analysis, structuring, and distribution expertise. Together with Tokeny’s best-of-breed technology, we deliver compliant and secure digital finance solutions structured in the globally trusted financial jurisdiction of Luxembourg.”

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny remarked with enthusiasm, “Money market funds are currently in high demand from the buy-side, especially on the blockchain. We are thrilled to collaborate with our strategic partner moreliquid and its experienced team, spearheading the journey to enhance liquidity and accessibility in this market. With a successful implementation, we foresee a significant influx of assets onto the blockchain, expanding the market and unveiling promising use cases for the industry. Serving as their trusted technology provider, we are truly excited to play a role in reshaping the landscape of private markets and contributing to this transformative endeavour.”

Clarisse Hagège, CEO of Dfns added, “We are excited to bring Dfns’ wallet infrastructure solutions to moreliquid and Tokeny. This collaboration delivers a 10x improvement in both user experience and security for moreliquid and its investors. Together, we are making blockchain technology accessible and practical for mainstream finance and asset management, eliminating the initial hurdles associated with digital assets. Previously, investors faced the risky task of managing their private keys with limited support for key recovery, insurance, or other essential services. Now, thanks to this collaboration, moreliquid is equipped to offer a secure, compliant environment where wallets and transactions are not only controlled and monitored but also fortified cryptographically against a range of threats and mistakes.”

CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: The Moreliquid Money Market Fund (MMMEUR) is a tracker certificate issued as an ERC-3643 token, which tracks the price of the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund. One share of the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund is represented by one MMMEUR token.  Moreliquid Management is not an affiliate of or licensed by HSBC Asset Management, HSBC Global Liquidity Funds Plc and any of its affiliates.  HSBC is not responsible in any way for MMMEUR or any Moreliquid Management products.


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Moreliquid is a digital assets platform that offers end-to-end services to asset managers for tokenised securities. We allow professional investors to access fast, secure, and cost-efficient transactions by tokenising alternative finance funds sourced through our network of asset managers.

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About Tokeny

Tokeny provides a compliance infrastructure for digital assets. It allows financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly and seamlessly issue, transfer, and manage securities using distributed ledger technology. By applying trust, compliance, and control on a hyper-efficient infrastructure, Tokeny enables market participants to unlock significant advancements in the management and liquidity of financial instruments. To learn more, visit 

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Dfns is the most secure wallet-as-a-service platform in web3, featuring clients such as ABN AMRO, Fidelity, Nilos, Zodia, and many others. Founded in 2020, Dfns was the first company to roll out a developer-friendly wallet infrastructure powering the backends of fintechs. Startups, enterprises and financial institutions build on Dfns to create, embed and manage programmable wallets at scale powered by the world’s most advanced MPC technology. No wallet has ever been hacked. Learn more

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