Ripple’s Partner MoneyGram Teams Up With eWallet owner DFS to expand Service in UAE

Ripple-backed peer-to-peer (P2P) payments company MoneyGram has decided to roll out its services in UAE as the payment giant has partnered with Digital Financial Services (DFS) LLC in order to expand its services in UAE through the digital payment service eWallet.
According to the press release published on the PR Newswire website, the users of e-Wallet payment service can easily make cross-border money transfers to over 200 countries to their family and friends with the help of this partnership.
Digital Financial Services LLC owns e-Wallet and it has a regulatory license from the Central Bank of the UAE. eWallet offers a flexible and convenient payment service to its millions of users.
MoneyGram continues to push forward its worldwide expansion
MoneyGram is constantly moving forward with its mission to expand its service all across the whole world. The P2P payments giant has now entered into the UAE where it is going to offer eWallet services to customers through a partnership with Digital Financial Services.
The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at MoneyGram, Grant Lines considers UAE one of the largest remittance countries in the world and says that the company is very excited about making the partnership with DFS as it will help accelerate their digital growth. Grant Lines stated:
We’re excited about how this partnership builds upon our strong momentum in the Middle East market and further accelerates digital growth as we expand our customer-centric capabilities to the third-largest outbound remittance country in the world.
MoneyGram does not use XRP Claims John McAfee
John McAfee has claimed in a recent tweet that the company MoneyGram is not using anymore Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency and even calls it a worthless crypto asset.
He also said that you cannot trust any bank or centralized payments system when you make your payments through cryptocurrencies.

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