South Korea’s Daegu City Announces to Spend $6M On Blockchain Education

Known as South Korea’s fourth-biggest city, Daegu City has revealed its plans in an announcement made recently that it is going to promote the education of blockchain and artificial intelligence among people in the city while turning them into experts of blockchain. According to the City officials, they are willing to spend millions on blockchain and artificial intelligence education.
Allocating $6 million to blockchain education
According to a report of the local news agency Up Korea, the Officials of City are going to spend an amount of more than $6 million on promoting the education of artificial intelligence and blockchain.
The government of the city is planning on offering various education courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and some other major tech sectors to new talented people from different regions in an attempt to bring them to the city.
Up Korea stated furthermore in the report:
In particular, Daegu City will operate a regional specialized course tailored to industrial sites in order to help digital transformation of the regional flagship manufacturing and service sectors in connection with the government’s digital new deal and to promote the use of new software technologies in new growth engines such as automobiles, medical care, robots, and smart cities.
Free of cost education
According to the report, the city officials confirm that all of the courses offered on the education of blockchain and artificial intelligence are free of cost and can be taken free of charge.
To facilitate individuals, the courses will be conducted at nights and on weekends as well so that individuals don’t face any problem while attending these courses. As per the report, these blockchain educational courses will be conducted under the supervisory of the ICT Innovation Square of Daegu for over the course of the next three years.

Caleb Strickland

Caleb Strickland

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