TonUSD is an ambitious cryptocurrency project aimed at creating a sustainable and reliable stablecoin on the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain platform. With a mission to provide an efficient, secure, and transparent payment solution, TonUSD aims to become a superior medium of exchange and store of value within the TON ecosystem as well as in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).


The TonUSD project was born to solve the existing issues in the traditional financial system, the volatility of cryptocurrencies, lack of transparency and efficiency in cross-border transactions, and the complexity of accessing financial services. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the scalability of the TON network, TonUSD offers a comprehensive and easily accessible solution to users worldwide.

One of the key features of TonUSD is its mechanism for maintaining the stability of the currency through the use of Liquidity Providers (LP) and a flexible transaction fee policy. This ensures that the value of TonUSD remains pegged and stable, avoiding the high volatility experienced by many other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the application of TON blockchain technology also enhances security, transparency, and efficiency in all transactions related to TonUSD.

Moreover, TonUSD is building a diverse and rich ecosystem that includes decentralized applications (DApps) such as storage wallets, exchanges, lending and borrowing platforms (Defi), as well as an NFT marketplace. This opens up numerous opportunities for TonUSD users to manage their assets, participate in financial and entertainment activities on the TON platform.

With a vision to become a leading stablecoin and contribute to the development of the TON ecosystem, the TonUSD project is committed to delivering optimal solutions and experiences to users while promoting innovation and progress in the field of decentralized finance.

TonUSD Foundation

TonUSD Foundation is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of creating and managing the ecosystem of TonUSD, a stable crypto currency operating on the TON blockchain. 

The main goals of TonUSD Foundation

Creating a stable and secure currency: This helps improve liquidity and stability in financial transactions on the TON blockchain platform.

Building a decentralized and flexible financial ecosystem: The goal is to enable everyone to access and use financial services easily, without relying on traditional intermediary organizations.

Developing and expanding the TonUSD ecosystem: Collaborating and partnering with interested organizations and individuals to expand and develop the TonUSD ecosystem. It can be said that TonUSD is not another stablecoin; it’s a unique digital asset backed by the power of liquidity providers. 

TonUSD Operating Mechanism

The TonUSD Minting and Redemption process is designed to be simple, transparent, and efficient:

Only users who own Minter NFTs can mint TonUSD based on the quota of that NFT and pay minting fee. Similarly, only users who own Redeemer NFTs can redeem TonUSD and receive the corresponding amount of TON, plus pay the redeem fee.

50% profits from minting, redemption, and swapping fees are directly added to the Treasury Pool. Users can stake TonUSD to share in the profits from this pool.

The Phoenix Mechanism and Dragon Mechanism are safety mechanisms activated to bring the price of TonUSD back to 1 USD.

Phoenix Event

Dragon Event

TonUSD NFT Shares are non-fungible tokens representing ownership and benefits within the TonUSD ecosystem. The issuance of TonUSD NFT Shares aims to attract community participation and support while creating a fair and transparent allocation mechanism.

Initial NFT Offering:

  • The total supply of NFT Shares is predetermined and sold through two rounds in Quarter 2, 2024: The first private sales round and then public sales round for the rest (if any NFT left).
  • Each issuance round has a specific number of NFT Shares and is sold through direct sales.
  • Users can only purchase NFT Shares with TON.
  • Any remaining NFTs will be burned.

Genesis NFT Sales

NFT typeAmount (NFT)Quota of NFTs to mint/redeem (TonUSD/month)
Silver 1050100

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Roadmap of TonUSD

Phase 1: Launch of TonUSD and Building the Core Ecosystem

Phase 2: Expanding the Ecosystem and Partnering with Strategic Collaborators

Phase 3: Global-Scale Development

TonUSD Official Links:

Website | Twitter Telegram | Telegram chat | Medium

Darlene Morales

Darlene Morales

I have been involved in the cryptocurrency community for over five years and have written extensively on this niche. I have a deep understanding of the technology and market dynamics at play, and my writing style is both engaging and informative. In addition to writing about cryptocurrency, I am also an active investor and trader.

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