Desiweminer Announces Title Sponsorship of Mining Disrupt 2023, Signifying its Dedication to Advancing Blockchain Technology

Miami, June 28, 2023 — Desiweminer, a trailblazing company specializing in blockchain-oriented ASIC chip development and crypto miner manufacturing, is proud to announce its title sponsorship of Mining Disrupt 2023, the pinnacle event for blockchain and mining technology. This sponsorship underscores Desiweminer’s unwavering commitment to advancing innovation and fostering collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem.

Mining Disrupt 2023, taking place from July 25th – 27th in Miami, Florida, gathers the cream of the crop in the mining industry, technology experts, and enthusiasts. The event acts as a springboard for sharing knowledge, networking, and spotlighting cutting-edge technologies that propel the progression of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

As the title sponsor, Desiweminer will exhibit its range of powerful crypto miners, including the brand-new models from the K10 series, and highlight its end-to-end deep customization capabilities. Attendees will be able to engage with Desiweminer’s top-notch technical team and explore its wide array of industry-leading products and services designed to empower miners globally.

Desiweminer’s title sponsorship of Mining Disrupt 2023 reinforces its role as a pioneer in the blockchain industry, driving innovation and wider adoption of blockchain technology. With a solid track record in delivering advanced, customized mining hardware and services, Desiweminer empowers individuals and businesses to actively participate in and contribute to the decentralized economy’s future.

At Mining Disrupt 2023 (, attendees will be privy to Desiweminer’s groundbreaking solutions and garner invaluable insights from the company’s experts. Whether they are exploring the latest ASIC miners or discussing mining operations’ best practices, Desiweminer’s presence at the event will offer a valuable resource for all participants.

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About Desiweminer:

Desiweminer is a leading global provider of blockchain-oriented ASIC chip development and crypto miner manufacturing services. They offer fully customized chip design, and circuit-level architecture design capability, and have rich experience in chip mass production and supply chain management. Desiweminer empowers individuals and businesses to participate in and shape the future of the decentralized economy. 

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