The US Department of Agriculture Set to Leverage Blockchain Technology for Food Supply Chain

The United States Department of Agriculture is planning on using blockchain technology for the traceability of its organic products’ supply chain. The Department of Agriculture has revealed its plans in a report to use distributed ledger technology for tracking purposes.
Blockchain technology is being adopted by various organizations and institutions all across the whole world as it offers a lot of benefits in sorting out problems. This has given an edge to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in recent times. Now, the US Department of Agriculture is also considering using the distributed ledger technology.
The Agriculture Department is making this move of leveraging blockchain technology in order to maintain the trust of its organic products among customers and to make sure that its organic products are verifiable. The department wants to remove the concerns of customers that they have regarding the trust of the food product.
According to the report, the Department of Agriculture is planning on utilizing blockchain technology for tracking and tracing food products throughout their whole supply chain. The agency believes that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) can play an important role in tracking and tracing organic products throughout the entire supply chain because it has the potential to do so.
In the complex supply chain, it is only an advanced technology like blockchain technology that can ensure secure and transparent tracking. According to the report:
DLT can provide secure, verifiable, transparent, and near-instantaneous tracking at the item level in complex supply chains… DLT can also protect confidential business information and trade secret information by automatically restricting sensitive information to authorized entities.
Blockchain technology is already being utilized for the food industry. Recently, VeChain launched a blockchain solution that could make the food safer.

Caleb Strickland

Caleb Strickland

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